12:02 - January 08, 2011
News ID: 2060456
--The latest issue of the Iranian Cultural Newsletter (ICN) was released in London on December 31.
According to the public relations office of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, this issue features articles on Nahj-ul-Balaqa for Children, the Supreme Leader’s visit to Gilan, North of Iran, the president’s visit to Alborz province, and “Soft War and Cultural Diplomacy” Seminar.
In the field of culture, there is also a report regarding three short films by Abbas Kiarostami as well as an article featuring Water Museum in Yazd province, south east of Isfahan.
There is also information about Parvin Etesami, 20th century Iranian poetess.
The ICN is a biweekly published by the Iranian Cultural Center in London. It is intended to truly and thoroughly reflect the Iranian officials’ ideas and viewpoints in British educated society and media.
The newsletter is sent to British mass media and press, cultural and Islamic centers in the country and the willing subscribers every 15 days.
Those who wish to receive the newsletter regularly can subscribe by sending their email address to

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