6:31 - September 19, 2012
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YouTube may be blocked in Russia over the anti-Islam movie produced by an Israeli-American in the United States, the Russian Communications Minister says.
Referring to a new Russian media law, Nikolai Nikiforov said on Tuesday that “Because of this video... all of YouTube could be blocked throughout Russia…If there is a court decision and YouTube does not take off the video, then access will be limited."
In response to the remark, Google Russian officials said that “Since the Russian Google company does not carry out administrative service of YouTube, we have forwarded the warning to our head office in the United States."
The warning comes after Senator Ruslan Gattarov called on Russian Prosecutor General's Office to ban the movie.
“It is obvious that the objective behind the movie is to split the society by the religious parameters and then clash parts of it. This can lead to far-reaching consequences and that is why we must do everything to ban the demonstration of this film on the Internet,” said Senator Ruslan Gattarov on Monday.
Earlier on September 16, Google in India blocked access to the anti-Islam movie following a request by New Delhi.
Several other countries including Malaysia and Indonesia also asked Google to block access to the controversial film.
Meanwhile, the anti-Islam film has drawn condemnation from many countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Belgium, Britain, Egypt, France, Indonesia, Iran, Nigeria , Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Sweden, Tunisia and Yemen as well as the Vatican in Rome.
On September 11, US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three other consulate staff members were killed in Benghazi after clashes involving a group of angry demonstrators near the consulate building.
At least four Yemeni protesters were killed on Thursday after US embassy guards in Sana'a opened fire on protesters trying to break into the building.
Sam Bacile, a real estate developer, has assumed responsibility for the film released on the 11th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, which he said was made thanks to Zionists donations totaling $ 5 million.

Source: Press TV
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