16:49 - April 03, 2006
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--A ceremony is to be held in Mshhad to mark the first demise anniversary of Master Sayyed Jalaloddin Ashtiani, the renowned Muslim philosopher on Farvardin 24th (Appril 13th).

Ayatollah Zanjani will give a lecture on the works and character of the late Master Sayyed Jalaloddin Ashtiani at the ceremony which will be held by his students and admirers at Imam Sadeq (AS) Mosque near Imam Reza’s (AS) Mausoleum.

Master Sayyed Jalaloddin Ashtiani was born in Ashtian in 1304 (1925) and after finishing elementary school headed for the holy city of Qom to continue his education at Hoseh Elmiyeh (the seminary).

He studied Islamic mysticism and philosophy, as well as Feqh and Osoul (Islamic jurisprudence) with great masters like Allameh Tabatabai, Sayyed Aboulhasan Rafiei Qazvini and Mirza Mahdi and Mirza Ahmad Ashtiani. He taught Islamic mysticism and philosophy at the University of Mashhad as well as at seminaries for some forty years before retiring due to illness.

Master Sayyed Jalaloddin Ashtiani passed away on Farvardin 3rd, 1384 (March 2005).
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