10:41 - January 21, 2007
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--With his judicious defending of Shia, presenting new theories in Quranic research, and active presence in various scientific meetings and conferences, Ayatollah Marefat initiated a movement in Quranic research in the Muslim world.
Dr Mohammad Ali Rezaei Esfehani, Hozeh (Islamic seminary) and university instructor who was speaking to IQNA on the demise of Ayatollah Mohammad Hadi Marefat added that Ayatollah Marefat was the symbol of a movement in Quranic research in Iran and the Middle East.

“He was a prolific author and an indefatigable researcher who continued in studying, teaching and doing research through the last days of his life. He prepared the second volume of the book “Al-Tafsir Al-Asari Al-Jame” (on his views on interpretation of Quranic verses) for publication just a few days before his passing away,” Dr Rezaei Esfehani stated.

“Ayatollah Marefat with more than thirty years of teaching in Hoze Elmiyeh at various levels trained a great number of students many of whom are prominent instructors and researchers in Hozeh and universities. Lots of PhD and MA dissertations and articles have also been authored and published under his supervision and direction some of which have been selected as the country’s top research papers,” he said.

Rezaei Esfehani referred to Ayatollah Marefat’s defending of Shiite Islam and said “In his book ‘Al-Tafsir and Mofasserun’ (interpretations and interpreters), Ayatollah Marefat defended Shiite ideas and principles in a scholarly, reasonable and polite manner. He was one of the initiator of Quranic sciences among Shiites and his book ‘Al-Tamhid fee Olum-ol- Quran’ helped promote a rapid growth in Quranic research studies in Iran.”

Ayatollah Marefat passed away this Friday past, Dey 29 (January 19).

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