11:23 - January 10, 2018
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – A number of Muslim activists called on Russia’s Council of Muftis to take the necessary measures to ban the activities of a deviated group.

 Muslims Call for Banning Deviated Group in Russia 


According to the Iranian Cultural Center in Russia, in a letter addressed to Ravil Gainutdin, head of the council, and Shamil Alyautdinov, head of Russia’s Scholars Council, they said the group, called ‘Quranism’, distorts Islam’s teachings and questions its principles.  

The group’s members reject the fact that fasting in the holy month of Ramadan and paying Zakat is an obligation for Muslims, the letter said.

It added that they, intentionally or otherwise, lead some less informed people among Muslims astray with their distorted and deviated ideas.

It said any contribution to the group’s “destructive” activities should be banned.

Russia is a predominantly Orthodox Christian country.

Islam has the second largest number of followers in Russia. It is estimated that over 20 million of the country’s population are Muslims.

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