15:58 - January 20, 2019
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The 11th religious forum for Iranians residing in New Delhi, India, was organized on the occasion of the martyrdom anniversary of Hazrat Fatemeh Zahra (SA).

Seerah of Hazrat Fatemeh Zahra (SA) Clarified in India


According to the website of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, “A glance at the Seerah and Sunnah of Hazrat Fatemeh Zahra (SA)” was the title of the program, held on January 17.

The Iranian Cultural Center in New Delhi hosted the program, addressed by Hojat-ol-Islam Mohammadreza Salih, head of Al-Mustafa International University’s branch in India.

He underlined that Muslims should take examples from the great lady’s lifestyle.

The scholar also clarified the status of women in Islam and various aspects of Hazrat Zahra’s (SA) life and said that she was the best role-model for Muslim women.

He further highlighted the key role of the Holy Prophet's (PBUH) daughter in supporting the Imam of her time, Imam Ali (AS).

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