9:17 - March 02, 2019
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The Noor al-Mustafa Quran and Hadith Center has been established in India to advance the Quranic and Hadith movement in the country, an official said.


Speaking to IQNA, Hojat-ol-Islam Mohammad Reza Saleh, representative of Al-Mustafa International University in India and head of the center, said the center has been launched by the university’s branch in India in line with its mission religious mission.

He said there are a lot efforts underway in the South Asian country by Islamic seminaries, mosques, and Quranic institutes to promote Quran teachings but there are still some shortcomings.

They include lack of Quran masters, teachers and up-to-date teaching materials, he added.

Hojat-ol-Islam Saleh said the center has organized 11 Quranic courses since 2013, with the participation of 575 individuals.

He noted that so far 55 memorizers of the Quran have been trained at the Dar-ul-Qurans of the center.

A total of 73 scholars and masters in the fields of Quran and Hadith cooperate with the center in organizing the courses, he said.

According to the cleric, the center has signed three memoranda of understanding (MoUs) with the Hamdard Islamic University, Noor International Microfilm Center, and Jamia Millia Islamia on cooperation in holding specialized Quran and Hadith forums and mounting Quran exhibition.

As for the future plans of the Noor al-Mustafa Quran and Hadith Center, he said it seeks to identify the challenges and impediments in the way of developing the Quranic culture and teachings.

Hojat-ol-Islam Saleh said it also plans to hold courses for training qualified Quran teachers, instructors and managers, provide the required materials for advancing the Quran and Hadith movement, and elevate the Quranic skills of Islamic seminary students and others.

Identifying and supporting Dar-ol-Qurans and Quranic centers set up by graduates of Al-Mustafa International University is also on the agenda of the Noor al-Mustafa Quran and Hadith Center.

It also seeks to set up an active network of Quran activists and officials of Quranic centers to promote cooperation and identify requirements and ways for promoting the Quranic culture and teachings, he went on to say.

Founded in 1979, Al Mustafa International University is a non-profit public higher education institution l

It is a religious and Islamic university established to expand and introduce Islamic and religious teachings in the world through modern facilities and technologies.

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