9:45 - May 17, 2017
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KUALA LUMPUR (IQNA) – The 59th international Quran competition of Malaysia began in the Southeast Asian country’s capital of Kuala Lumpur on Monday.

15 Quran Experts in Malaysia Int’l Quran Contest’s Panel of Judges

The competition is being held in the two categories of recitation and memorization.

The panel of judges comprises 15 Quran experts from different countries, including Malaysia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Indonesia.

There are 38 Qaris and 30 memorizers of the Quran from different Muslim and non-Muslim countries competing in the Quranic event.

Winners of the top three ranks in the two categories, both in the men’s and women’s sections, will receive cash prizes of 10000 to 70,000 ringgits.

The motto of this year’s competition is "Islamic Brotherhood Based on Unity of Islamic Ummah”.

The international Quran contest is annually organized by the Malaysia government with the aim of promoting the culture of Quran recitation and fostering the teachings of the Holy Book.

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