15:58 - June 27, 2010
News ID: 1946781
-- 200 Memorizers of the Quran were honored in a ceremony held on June 24 in Yazd with the presence of head of the Center for Coordination, Development and Promotion of Quranic Activities (CCDPQA).
The memorizers had been selected from among those instructed in Quranic center of Yazd province.
A research center and specialized library of the Quranic center of Yazd were opened on the sidelines of the ceremony which was attended by Hojjat-ol-Islam Hamid Muhammadi, head of the center and deputy of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in Quranic affairs as well as Fallahzadeh, governor of the province.
The Quranic center of Yazd (Mahd-e Quran) was established in 1995 and now has 10 branches throughout the province. It is the first Quranic center in Yazd where 3000 students have passed courses on the Quran and Ahlul Bayt (AS). The center has also held eight courses on training Quran teachers with 2000 participants so far.
During the ceremony head of the CCDPQA announced that it plans to hold courses on contemplating the Quran’s verses for the first time. The courses will begin with six participants.

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