12:00 - November 14, 2020
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Egypt’s Al-Azhar Islamic Center welcomed the move by the Belgian government to arrest and expel Danish far-right activists suspected of planning to provoke Muslims by burning a copy of the Quran.


In a statement, Al-Azhar’s Islamophobia Watch Office said it appreciates the stance of Brussels and Belgium’s secretary of state for asylum and migration in nipping the Fitna in the bud by expelling the extremists, RT Arabic reported.

It added that the planned move by the extremists was aimed at spreading hate and foment violence.

The statement also said that the Belgian government’s preventing the desecration of the Quran was respect for the feelings of Muslims and their religious sanctities which would lead to improving the culture of peaceful coexistence in the country.

Five Danish far-right activists suspected of planning to provoke Muslims in Belgium by burning a Quran were arrested and ordered out of the country, officials said Thursday.

According to their group’s Facebook page, those arrested are members of “Stram Kurs” or “Hard Line” — a group led by Danish anti-Islam and anti-immigration militant Rasmus Paludan.

According to the site, Paludan himself was arrested in neighboring France and has also been expelled.

Stram Kurs is known in Scandinavia for acts of provocation and Belgian authorities believe the group planned a Quran burning in Molenbeek, a Brussels district with a large Moroccan population.

The alleged plan forms part of the case sent by the police to the public prosecutor’s office in Brussels, a source close to the investigation said.



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