10:45 - December 11, 2020
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – An encyclopedia of the scientific miracle of Quran by Heitham Joma Hilal, Algerian author, was recently published in the North African country.


According to echoroukonline, the Dar al-Izzah wa al-Kiramah Publication Institute has published the book.

The author has focused on the scientific aspects of the Holy Quran’s miracle and refers to the verses of the Divine Book which are related to the creation of humans, heavens and the earth.

In the preface of the book, he writes that the Holy Quran stresses the necessity of contemplation in the Divine verses.

The scientific miracle of the Quran is a notion that shows the Quran is a miracle according to some Quranic statements with findings in empirical sciences. There are statements in the Quran concerning empirical facts which were not discovered at the time of its revelation. And since it was outside the ordinary human capacity to state such facts at that time, the Quran should be considered as a miracle of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and as a book revealed by God.

Examples of the scientific miracle of the Quran include Quranic statements regarding the rotation and the orbit of the Earth, the origination of life from water, the Earth's gravity, and the division of plants and animals into male and female.

In the last century, the scientific miracle of the Quran has been the focus of the attention of many Quranic scholars in the world. Muhammad b. Ahmad al-Iskandarani, Rashid Rida, and Tantawi have been the first scholars who propounded the notion.



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