Europe’s Biggest Ever Imam Ali Exhibit Underway in London (+video)

TEHRAN (IQNA) – London is now hosting the biggest and most expensive Islamic exhibits which focuses its entire attention to the life and legacy to the cousin and son in law of Islam’s holy prophet Muhammed (PBUH).

The Imam Ali exhibit takes viewers on an interactive journey through the life of Ali Ibn Abi Talib. Who’s loyal service helped create a lasting and perfect religion.

Imam Ali is beloved by all Muslims across the globe. With Sunnis, he’s the revered 4th right guided Khalifa, and Shias the beloved first holy Imam. This exhibit offers the community a unique opportunity to reconnect with one if Islam’s most important characters and to learn new facts about his life.

Run by The Legacy group, the creators told Press TV they hope retracing the life of Imam Ali in full will leave visitors with a renewed connection to this Islamic legend.

The exhibit is clearly a roaring success, with hundreds visiting each opening day. Organizers say that expansion plans are in motion and they intend to remain open for the foreseeable future. Meaning that Imam Ali’s legacy continues to inspire even outside of traditional Muslim homelands.

Source: PressTV

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