16:36 - December 08, 2021
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The Ruler of Sharjah, the UAE, on Wednesday inaugurated the "Chapters from Islamic Art...a special collection of rare books from the Ettinghausen Library" at the city’s House of Wisdom.

Islamic Art Exhibition in Sharjah


Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi toured the exhibition, which houses 98 books that are part of a collection of rare books specialized in Islamic art and history, the product of the work of researchers Dr. Richard Ettinghausen and his wife, Dr. Elizabeth Ettinghausen, who are viewed among the most important experts and researchers in Islamic art in the world.

This precious collection is part of the books presented by the Ruler of Sharjah to the House of Wisdom. It includes 12,000 books, some dating back 200 years. It also includes books in the fields of archeology, excavations, history, geography, religion, art and Islamic architecture, as well as literature, poetry, travel, and others.

The exhibition is divided into six sections: the Department of Books Published or Edited by Dr. Ettinghausen, the Department of Archeology, Travel, History and Geography, the Department of Religion, Islamic Art and Architecture, the Department of Large Books on Various Subjects, the Department of Literature, Poetry, Manuscripts, Fossils and Stone Inscriptions, in addition to a section dedicated to Ceramic and metal artwork, textiles, carpets, and rugs decorated with Islamic paintings.

The exhibition brings to light the richness of the book collection that represents the private library of historian Ettinghausen and his wife, Dr. Elizabeth, and includes books in more than 10 languages, including Arabic, English, German, Persian, Japanese, Urdu, French, Spanish, Turkish, Russian and Italian.

The Ruler of Sharjah listened to an explanation about the project of digitizing this valuable collection, starting with the 98 books housed by the exhibition, in order to provide an opportunity for researchers and those interested around the world to benefit from them to achieve his vision of making knowledge available to all, and to enhance the contribution of the Emirate of Sharjah in spreading culture and science.

Sheikh Dr. Sultan was briefed on the non-displayed literature publications from the entire collection, which were preserved in the "Wisdom Depository", dedicated to preserving rare books.




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