1.5 Million People Benefit from Mecca Grand Mosque Quran Programs

14:07 - January 21, 2022
News ID: 3477464
TEHRAN (IQNA) – Some 1.5 million worshippers and pilgrims have benefited from Quranic programs held at the Grand Mosque in Mecca over the past years.


The General Presidency of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, the programs include Quran memorization and recitation courses, website reported.

Some of the memorization courses are organized virtually, according to the presidency.

Nearly 21,000 people took the virtual courses held online due to the coronavirus outbreak.

There are also workshops for teaching Hajj and Umrah pilgrims how to accurately read the Quran.

The presidency has paid special attention to providing Quran copies and translations of the Holy Book, it said.

It has also made easy Quran interpretations available in the shelves of the mosque to visitors and pilgrims and provided Braille copies of the Quran for the blind.