VIDEO: A Glimpse into SE Asia’s Largest Mosque

TEHRAN (IQNA) – Istiqlal Mosque in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta is known as the largest mosque in the southeast Asian region.


The mosque was named Istiqlal because its construction began after the independence of Indonesia from the Netherlands in 1949, and at that time an attempt was made to build a large mosque worthy of Indonesia as the largest Islamic country.

Istiqlal Mosque has an area of 2,750 square meters and is 33 meters high, and with a capacity of 200,000 worshipers, it has become the largest mosque in Southeast Asia.

Italian marble has been used in designing and decorating the corridor of this mosque. Also, the carpet used for the prayer hall of this mosque is made in Turkey.

This mosque has seven gates and each of the seven gates are named after Asma al-Hassani, one of the names of Allah. The number seven also represents the seven heavens in Islamic cosmology thoughts.



The ablution room is on the ground floor and the prayer hall and the main courtyard are on the first floor.

The building consists of two connected rectangular structures: the main structure and the smaller ancillary structure.

The smaller structure is considered the main gate. The main rectangular building of the prayer hall is covered with a central spherical dome with a diameter of 45 meters.

This spherical dome is supported by twelve circular pillars, the twelve pillars of which represent the birth of the Prophet of Islam on the twelfth of Rabi al-Awal.

The large altar of this mosque is made of metal and on the right side of the wall where this altar is located, the word "Allah" and on the left side the name of "Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)" and also in the middle of it is verse 14 of Surah Taha.

Unlike many Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Indian mosques that have multiple minarets, Istiqlal Mosque has a minaret that symbolizes the oneness of God Almighty and its height is 66.66 meters, which represents 6666 verses in the Holy Quran.