Mosque in India Conveys Message of Harmony to Counter Hate

13:30 - May 16, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – A mosque in India’s Hyderabad invited dozens of people from different religious backgrounds to get them acquainted with Islamic beliefs and rituals.


Over 120 women and men belonging to various faiths and age groups converged at the Masjid-E-Azizia in Mehdipatnam on Sunday afternoon, and were completely immersed in understanding Islamic practices and rituals.

This congregation was made possible through a programme titled ‘Visit the Masjid and Eid Milap’, which aimed at strengthening relations among communities, and erasing misconceptions related to mosques.

A group of volunteers showed the participants around, explaining the few basic tenets of Islam and rituals. The tour began with volunteers throwing light on wuzu (ablutions performed before namaz), significance of azan (call for prayer), and the direction that one faces during namaz.

Thereafter, basic tenets of Islam which were displayed on flexi banners in both Telugu and English were elucidated. The visitors were then given feedback forms.

The programme was organised by Jamaat-e-Islami (Nampally unit) and the Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO)-Central Division (Hyderabad).

President of the SIO-Central Division, Syed Mukhtar Ahmed said one of the aims behind organising the programme was to spread the true message of Islam and bridge the gaps between communities.

“We wanted people to know what happens in masjids and the rituals performed, given how some rumours seem to suggest that hate activities are held here. We wanted to clarify that mosques are not only places for worship; they can be used for community service such as Second Opinion Clinic which is held here in the cellar. We have a credit society where small loans are given without interest. A library too is available,” said Mr Ahmed on the sidelines of the programme.

Masjid-E-Azizia president Aijaz Mohiuddin Wasim said amid the current climate of hatred, they wanted to give out the message of peace and love. While addressing the visitors after the tour, he spoke about people of Hindu community who stood by them during times of distress, and also touched upon the significance of hijab.

Islamic Information Centre manager Mohammed Imtiaz Hussain said that a true understanding of religions can be gained through participation in all the festivals that India celebrates. The organisers said that more such programmes would be held in future.


Source: The Hindu

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