Two Points about God’s Provision of Sustenance

10:42 - June 28, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The Bestower of Sustenance is one of the names of Allah. All creatures have been created by God and He has created them based on a defined plan, so He is paying attention to their needs.


However, deceived by Satan, some people may sometimes think that God Almighty has forgotten His creatures.

“And there is no animal in the earth but on Allah is the sustenance of it, and He knows its resting place and its depository all (things) are in a manifest book.” (Surah Hud, verse 6) This means that God is the provider of sustenance and is aware of where the creatures are so as to bestow sustenance to them.

God’s Bestowing of sustenance to creatures is astonishing; from an embryo in a mother’s body to insects living in the deep to creatures that live on top of trees and mountains they all are offered sustenance. God Almighty is well aware of all creatures. He knows the place and movements of the creatures and provides them their sustenance accordingly.

Talking about this issue, one should take two important points into consideration.

Firstly, man should not commit crimes or oppress others to obtain wealth. Sometimes, people fall into trap of Satan who makes them fear poverty and accordingly directs man toward sins. So one should be wary of these temptations.

Secondly, according to Quranic verses and hadiths, God will provide sustenance only if we put effort for our part. If we do not adhere to this condition, our sustenance will be eliminated.

Therefore it is wrong to stop trying and assuming that God will provide what is needed and also to think that God is unable to provide sustenance and we should try to obtain that using every tool and even wrong deeds.


By Mohammad Ali Haqshenas

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