Ghadir 2022 Celebrations across Iran in Pictures

TEHRAN (IQNA) – Hundreds of thousands of people across Iran took to streets and mosques on Monday to celebrate Eid al-Ghadir.

The event of Ghadir, or Eid al-Ghadir, is celebrated by Shia Muslims around the world every year. It is among important feasts and happy holidays of Shia Muslims held on the 18th day of Dhul Hijjah in the lunar Hijri calendar.

It was the day when according to reports, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) appointed Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS) as his caliph and the Imam after himself following an order from God.

According to estimates several hundred thousands of Tehraners participated in this year's special Ghadir celebrations which was held on Monday afternoon in a length of 10 kilometers on Tehran's iconic Valiasr street: 

Following photos show people of Ahvaz, Khuzestan province, attending the celebrations: 
Below photos depict people of Esfahan clebrating Eid al-Ghadir in central Iran: 
Karaj, Alborz Province, also hosted different ceremonies including sermons and eulogies:
Thousands of people have also used this holiday oppurtunity to depart for Mashhad, northwest Iran, to make a pilgrimage to Imam Reza (AS) Holy Shrine and mark this eid in this sacred place:  
Hazrat Masoumah (SA) Holy Shrine in Qom also hosted large number of pilgrims who marked the feast on Monday night: 
People of Shiraz, Fars Province, took to Shah Cheragh Mausoleum to mark the event: 
Following photos show a religious performance accompanies by a concert with the theme of Imam Ali (AS) which was held at Tehran's Milad Tower on Monday night: