Salah; Most Important Quranic Word

12:28 - August 11, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Salah (also known as Namaz or prayer) is one of the pillars of Islam and Muslims believe that the act is a bridge that connects them to God. Therefore, Salah is of utmost importance for every Muslim.

Muslims perform Eid al-Adha prayers in Karbala, Iraq, on July 10


The Quran and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) have offered numerous recommendations on Salah. The word “Salah” has been mentioned 60 times in the Holy Quran while its derivatives have been mentioned 98 times; this shows the significance of performing prayers. 

There are six instances of reference to Salah in the first Juze of the Quran. For instance, the following verses from Surah Baqarah refer to the virtues of believers and the need to carry out prayers and ask for God’s help at hard times.

“Who believe in the unseen and establish the (daily) prayer; who spend out of what We have provided them. (verse 3). “Establish your prayers, pay the obligatory charity, and bow with those who bow.” (verse 43) “And seek help in patience and prayer. For it is heavy, except to the humble.” (verse 45)

Furthermore, the two following verses from the same surah advise Muslims to pay more attention to Salah in the face of enemies’ efforts to fight religion. “(Remember) when We made a covenant with the Children of Israel, you shall worship none except Allah. Show kindness to your parents, to kinsmen, to the orphans, and to the needy, and speak of goodness to people. Establish your prayers and pay the obligatory charity. But, except for a few, you all turned your backs and gave no heed.” (verse 83) “Establish your prayers and pay the obligatory charity. Whatever good you shall forward for your soul you shall find it with Allah. He is the Seer of what you do.” (verse 110)

A crucial point in these verses is that Salah is being accompanied by other obligatory deeds that every believer should perform, including Zakat, patience, taking care of parents, etc.

Therefore, Salah is the gate to the path of serving God, and completes other good deeds.