Tenets of Islamic Beliefs; Monotheism/3

Three Factors That Strengthen Our Fitrat

9:31 - November 26, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – There are some factors that block the path of Fitrat (nature) and some others that strengthen it.


Three factors can have a direct effect on strengthening our Fitrat and making it shine more brightly.

1) Feeling danger: Many people neglect their nature – which includes worshipping God – as long as they depend on their wealth, power, or friends. However, after losing these means they will feel the danger and return to their Fitrat.

2) Problems: Individuals’ dealing with challenges and problems make them more aware of their Fitrat.

3) Noticing divine blessings: Noticing and thinking about God-given blessings can strengthen the Fitrat.

If people take notice of barriers on the path of Fitrat and stay away from them, they can enforce their innate capabilities and save themselves from ignorance.


This series is derived from books written by Quran teacher and interpreter Mohsen Qara’ati.

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