Almost 30 Million Pilgrims Benefited from Volunteering Services at Masjid Al-Haram

12:57 - December 07, 2022
News ID: 3481571
TEHRAN (IQNA) – According to the latest statistics released by Saudi authorities, some 30 million people have received voluntary services at the Holy Grand Mosque in Mecca.


The Social, Volunteering and Humanitarian Department, affiliating to the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques, disclosed today that nearly 30 million worshippers have benefited from volunteering services at the Holy Grand Mosque since the inception of last Hijra year until the first quarter of the current year (1444H.).

According to the latest statistics, breakfasting meals have been offered to 5,915,193 worshipers; as many as 15,041,325 have been welcomed as guests; 366,500 ambrellas have been extended within sun cover program; 5,917,344 benefited from volunteering services; and as many as 2,357,190 blessed Zamzam water bottles have been given away.

The total volunteering time have amounted to 1,213,540 hours extended by 35 volunteering authorities, covering 17 fields, and benefiting a total of 29,597,552 persons, according to the statistics.



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