Islamic Revolution Freed the Downtrodden From Subjugation of Imperialism: Nigerian Activist

18:31 - February 08, 2023
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – A Nigerian activist says the Islamic Revolution led by Imam Khomeini freed the down-trodden people around the world from subjugation of Imperialism and colonialism of the West and the communist bloc.

Zeenat Ibrahim

A webinar Hosted by IQNA and titled “Islamic Revolution Discourse in Process of Evolution”,  was held on Wednesday on the occassion of the Islamic Revolution's 44th anniversary. 

Zeenat Ibrahim, Nigerian activist and wife of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, said in the event that the Islamic Revolution came at a time when Muslims around the world were ashamed because of the propaganda and the brainwashing that has already been done for hundreds of years.

"The propaganda at that time made Muslims feel anything that was associated with Islam was considered retrogressive and backward and uncivilized. But this great Revolution became successful because before that time what was dominant in the world was two superpowers. So you either belong to the capitalist camp or belong to the communist camp. The capitalist led by the Great Satan and western Europe and the communist bloc was led by the then Soviet Union. So at that time, people used to feel that there is no way Islam can come back and rule" she added.

"It was at this time when the pride of the Muslims had been trampled upon by centuries of subjugation of imperialism and colonialism and of course negligence from the parts of Muslims. In that situation, the glorious revolution became successful with the help of Allah and Imam Khomeini was only dependent on Allah. His sincerity and dependence on Allah was the backbone of his uprising" she stressed.

Here is the full video of her speech for this webinar:


Other speakers of the event were Iranian president’s advisor in seminary affairs Hojat-ol-Islam Mohammad Haj-Abolghasemi, Iran’s deputy minister of defense Brigadier General Seyyed Mahdi Farahi, and Lebanese academic and member of Hezbollah political council Bilal Al-Laqis. 

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