UK, EU Diplomats Condemn Israeli Settler Attacks on Palestinians, Demand Accountability

16:29 - August 25, 2023
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AL-QUDS (IQNA) – European officials issued a strong rebuke yesterday against the escalating incidents of Israeli settler violence targeting Palestinian properties and villages.


Representatives from countries including the United Kingdom, European Union, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Finland, Belgium, Sweden, Canada and Norway visited the Palestinian community of Burqa to witness firsthand the impact of settler attacks.

During their visit to Burqa, diplomats observed the aftermath of displacement caused by settler assaults and expressed deep concern over these increasingly frequent acts of violence. They learned about the harassment endured by Palestinians in this community and how it intensified following the establishment of an illegal outpost nearby.

The diplomats called on Tel Aviv “to do more to hold to account and prevent those who have made the lives of Palestinians … intolerable.”

The delegation strongly criticized the growing trend of settler violence which has led to multiple casualties and displaced over 400 Palestinians throughout this year alone.

Additionally, the recent demolition of Ein Samiya school—a project funded by donors as humanitarian relief—was condemned for violating international humanitarian law. The diplomats called upon the Israeli regime as an occupying power to cease all confiscations and demolitions while providing unrestricted access to humanitarian organizations operating in the occupied West Bank.

It is important to note that according to UN estimates, over 750,000 Israeli settlers currently reside illegally in the occupied West Bank.


Source: Agencies