Mosques in Egypt Ready to Welcome Ramadan

16:15 - February 29, 2024
News ID: 3487378
IQNA – Mosques in Egypt are being prepared to welcome worshippers in the holy month of Ramadan.

A mosque in Egypt decorated with lights ahead of Ramadan


The Awqaf ministry of the Arab country has launched a major plan that includes renovation, repairing, and cleaning mosques ahead of the holy month.

It is being implemented with the motto of “Serving the houses of God” and will continue until the end of the month of Shaaban, El-Balad News reported.

The plan includes decorating mosques with lights, which has been a longstanding Ramadan tradition in the country.

The ministry has also planned various Quranic and religious programs in mosque during Ramadan.

They include Quran recitation circles, Quranic courses on Tajweed and recitation, and offering teachings on the Quranic concepts.  

Ramadan, which is likely to start on March 11 this year, is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar.

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It is a period of prayer, fasting, charity giving and self–accountability for Muslims around the world.

The Quran was revealed to the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) heart in this month.

During Ramadan, Muslims fast (abstain from foods and drinks) from sunrise to sunset.

They also devote a considerable amount of time during this month to reading and contemplating the Quran.