The Holy Quran: Illuminating The Path Amidst Cognitive Warfare

10:55 - March 28, 2024
News ID: 3487735
IQNA – A senior cleric has highlighted the role of the Holy Quran in countering the cognitive warfare waged by some the West against the Holy Quran.


Hojat-ol-Islam Mohammad Mehdi Imanipour, head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, sent an exclusive article to IQNA on the occasion of the new Iranian year which coincides with the blessed month of Ramadan this year.

What follows is the translation of the article:

The convergence of nature’s spring and the spiritual spring of the Quran at the start of the new year provides a significant opportunity for introspection and contemplation on the divine verses and life-enhancing teachings of this divine book. Adherence to the Holy Quran is the gateway to self-knowledge and understanding of God Almighty, a knowledge that shields us from the relentless onslaught of enemies in their cognitive warfare.

The adversaries of humanity aim to undermine deeply held beliefs and innate principles through media and cognitive warfare. This underscores the importance of maintaining a connection with the Holy Quran. Current developments highlight humanity’s need to return to its roots, and eliminate oppression and arrogance from global equations; the Quran is the guide for Muslims and all free people on this sacred journey.

Over the past year, enemies have propagated Islamophobia and systematic anti-Quran sentiments. The desecration of the Holy Quran under the guise of freedom of speech is a case in point. It’s crucial to understand why they adopt such tactics.

One of their objectives in global cognitive warfare is to hinder the spread of Islam and the inclination of Western societies towards the enlightened teachings of the Holy Quran. The Holy Quran opposes the subjugation and humiliation of individuals and societies by oppressors and arrogance, advocating instead for human freedom and ultimate happiness.

In this context, the overt and covert power structures in the West believe that by disrespecting the sacred symbols of Muslims and the Holy Quran, they can curb the natural inclination of people towards the Holy Quran and its teachings. This is a grave miscalculation on their part. The West cannot deter people from turning to this holy book through psychological manipulation and norm-violating operations.

Another key point is that safeguarding the Holy Quran, along with adhering to its teachings, is the secret to humanity’s triumph over the organized intellectual assaults of domination and force. Dependence on the Holy Quran not only neutralizes the enemies in cognitive warfare and renders their tactics ineffective, but it also fosters a unique alliance around divine virtues such as freedom and resilience against oppressors.

Humanity’s adversaries oppose peace and harmony, with the Quran serving as a beacon guiding us towards these ideals. They employ all means at their disposal to achieve their nefarious objectives in opposition to the Holy Quran. However, there’s an immutable aspect they fail to comprehend and account for - the “God-seeking human nature”. This intrinsic nature fundamentally does not deviate from the teachings of the Holy Quran.

The Holy Quran is truly humanistic, while the primary objective of the adversaries in cognitive warfare is to foster an unnatural way of life. In this cognitive battle, it’s essential to be well-equipped and to act proactively and innovatively. Meticulous observation of the enemies’ anti-Islamic strategies and effective countermeasures are more than just necessities. Scholars, scientists, and adherents of the most recent and perfect heavenly religion undoubtedly have a crucial role to play in this process.