Iran Not to Engage in Direct Battle with Israeli Regime, Retaliation Not Limited to Missiles: Strategist

11:58 - April 07, 2024
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IQNA – An Islamic Revolution Guards Corp commander says the Islamic Republic will not engage in a direct battle with the Israeli regime and that the response to Israeli attack on Iranian embassy will not be limited to missiles and drones.


The various forces opposing resistance are seeking to make the Islamic Republic of Iran move according to their plan but Tehran has averted “emotional responses,” Brigadier General Hassan Rastegarpanah, Head of Intelligence and Security Studies of Imam Hussein University, told IQNA on Sunday.

“We will not let the recent crime of the Zionist regime go unanswered. Our response will be delivered at the appropriate time and place, he said.

The remarks come as the Israeli regime military forces are on high alert after the regime fighter jets targeted the consular section of the Iranian embassy in Damascus last week. The attack claimed lives of seven Iranian military advisors, including two senior commanders. Iranian officials have vowed response to the strike.

“Since the outbreak of the Al-Aqsa Flood Operation until today, the Zionist regime has aggressively sought direct confrontation with Iran, however, given the strategic capabilities that have been developed, there is no imperative to engage in direct warfare with the regime,” Rastegarpanah said.

“Our objective is to defend the oppressed and unmask the oppressor and through active diplomacy, we can effectively combat the Zionist regime beyond the enemy's expectations,” he added.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran will never initiate a direct battle with the Zionists,” he said, adding, “The resources available to the axis of resistance, bestowed upon us by God, will hold the Zionist regime accountable for its crimes, and ultimately, the losses will be theirs to bear.”

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The resistance front possesses significant capability, capable of undermining Zionist interests from Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, and Syria, he added. “By the grace of God, we witness daily effective actions by the resistance against the Zionist regime. For instance, the targeting of the port of Eilat caught the Zionists and Americans by surprise.”

The actions of the resistance have been “calculated and precise” thus far, and they will remain so going forward, he said.

“It's important to recognize that our response to military actions isn't limited to drones and missiles alone,” he said, noting that the initial phase involves raising awareness among Muslim nations. The subsequent step is to raise awareness among global public opinion, particularly in European countries, where protests against Zionist atrocities have intensified, the commander added.

Brigadier General Hassan Rastegarpanah, Head of Intelligence and Security Studies of Imam Hussein University

The true, appalling nature of the Zionist regime, with its atrocities and disregard for children's lives, has been exposed to all, he underlined.

“This is a direct result of the steadfast resistance of the people of Gaza, and by divine will, God has exposed the supporters of the Zionist regime. The regime is teetering on the brink of collapse and is resorting to such crimes in a desperate attempt to delay its inevitable demise,” he said.

The remarks come as the Israeli regime has been pounding the besieged Gaza Strip in the past six months, killing more than 33,000 people, mostly women and children. The attacks have displaced almost all of Gaza residents with international organizations raising alarm for extensive famine in the region.