TEHRAN (IQNA) – The ruling on Friday by the Supreme Court of Canada allowing the Quebec City mosque shooter to be eligible for parole after 25 years in prison was met with disappointment by members of the mosque where the attack occurred.
News ID: 3479072    Publish Date : 2022/05/27

TEHRAN (IQNA) – The secretary general of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought (WFPIST) said establishing a union of Islamic countries is possible.
News ID: 3479067    Publish Date : 2022/05/27

TEHRAN (IQNA) – Imam Sadiq (AS) is one of the most influential figures in Islamic sciences in such fields as Fiqh (jurisprudence), Quran interpretation, ethics, geography, economics, astronomy, medicine and mathematics and whose students created a great capacity in the development of religious sciences all over the Muslim world.
News ID: 3479066    Publish Date : 2022/05/27

TEHRAN (IQNA) – The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) condemned alleged Islamophobic and racist harassment targeting a Muslim hockey player. 
News ID: 3479061    Publish Date : 2022/05/26

TEHRAN (IQNA) – The head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) said the new Islamic civilization can be achieved only through Muslim unity.
News ID: 3479060    Publish Date : 2022/05/26

TEHRAN (IQNA) – Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said the Islamic Revolution of Iran introduced religious democracy to the world.
News ID: 3479055    Publish Date : 2022/05/25

TEHRAN (IQNA) – The question how Islam views wealth and poverty is not an easy one to answer when one refers to Islamic text.
News ID: 3479050    Publish Date : 2022/05/25

TEHRAN (IQNA) – Pakistan’s Islamic banking industry is estimated to materially outpace conventional banking by 2026.
News ID: 3479049    Publish Date : 2022/05/25

TEHRAN (IQNA) – Mehdi Aghamohammad was named the head of the organizing committee of the 36th International Islamic Unity Conference.
News ID: 3479034    Publish Date : 2022/05/24

TEHRAN (IQNA) – An interfaith initiative between Muslims, Christians and Jews who oppose Zionism has been launched by the London-based Islamic Human Rights Commission.
News ID: 3479033    Publish Date : 2022/05/24

TEHRAN (IQNA) – The head of the Astan Quds Razavi said the hegemonic powers are afraid of unity among Muslims.
News ID: 3479029    Publish Date : 2022/05/23

Surahs of Quran/4
TEHRAN (IQNA) – The role that women play in society and family is among important issues in Islam. The sign of this importance can be spotted in the fourth Surah of the Holy Quran as it has been dedicated to women.
News ID: 3479016    Publish Date : 2022/05/23

TEHRAN (IQNA) – Egypt is set to host the 2022 annual meetings of the Islamic Development Bank Group in Sharm El-Sheikh from June 1 to 4.
News ID: 3478978    Publish Date : 2022/05/20

Prophet’s Viewpoint:
TEHRAN (IQNA) – According to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), a Muslim should respect 30 rights in relation to other Muslims and one cannot ignore these rights.
News ID: 3478971    Publish Date : 2022/05/19

TEHRAN (IQNA) – Islamic Relief USA, a non-profit Muslim organization, has donated $40,000 in assistance to Oklahoma residents impacted by the early May tornadoes and other severe weather in Seminole and Muskogee.
News ID: 3478963    Publish Date : 2022/05/19

TEHRAN (IQNA) – Nicholas Larsen, an Eastern Washington University professor, has underlined the growth of the Islamic finance and the ample opportunities for fintech development in Islamic finance.
News ID: 3478953    Publish Date : 2022/05/18

TEHRAN (IQNA) – The requirements for UAE pilgrims going on Hajj this year were announced by the relevant authorities in the Persian Gulf country.
News ID: 3478946    Publish Date : 2022/05/17

TEHRAN (IQNA) – There are different views on the origin of Shiism and some try to stress a specific time for its formation to introduce it as a sect separated from Islam.
News ID: 3478944    Publish Date : 2022/05/17

TEHRAN (IQNA) – The 8th international gathering of Islamic seminaries and universities was held in the holy city of Najaf, Iraq.
News ID: 3478928    Publish Date : 2022/05/16

TEHRAN (IQNA) – Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei condoled the demise of prominent Islamic ethics scholar Ayatollah Fateminia.
News ID: 3478927    Publish Date : 2022/05/16