8:40 - February 08, 2014
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After weeks of fighting between armed groups and Iraqi military forces in the Anbar province, civilians caught in the middle of the clashes have been fleeing for safety.

The region has a Sunni majority but safe places of refuge are being found in Shiite districts such as Karbala.
In the previous month, Osama al-Shami, deputy head of Karbala's Shiite endowments authority, said that families fleeing Iraq's predominantly Sunni Anbar province would be welcomed in the southeastern Shiite-majority province.
Dozens of displaced families – including many women and children – have fled to the city of Karbala, where they have been given shelter in the part of the city usually reserved for pilgrims.
Observers have noted the significance of Karbala's Shiite endowment authority offering shelter to Sunni refugees amid ongoing sectarian tension in Iraq.
Thousands of people had fled the ongoing violence in Anbar to neighboring provinces.
Source: World Bulletin

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