15:54 - May 24, 2014
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Hong Kong’s Serving Islam Team has hit back the streets, inviting world Muslims to attend the largest Islamic convention in the area for two days of fruitful lectures by world’s most renowned scholars to stress the importance of preserving Islamic identity.

“Nowadays, Muhammad has turned into MOMO or Mo, Yusuf into Joe or Joseph and Fatimah into FIFI!! What is happening to the Muslims? Why are they not proud for being Muslims? Why are they losing their identity?” Wael Ibrahim, founder and chairman of Serving Islam Team in Hong Kong, wrote on his Facebook page.
“This issue shall be discussed in details insh a Allah by our learned speakers during the coming conference #AtThePeak #HongKong 2014,” Ibrahim, a professional trainer on Presentation Skills, BA Islamic Studies, added.
Launched in 2013, ‘At The Peak’ is an annual Islamic Convention that takes place in Hong Kong.
The title “At The Peak” was chosen as the peak is one of the landmarks of Hong Kong and the highest point in town.
The aim of the convention is to motivate the people of Hong Kong (Muslims and Non-Muslims) and encourage them to reach the Peak of success in this world and on the Hereafter.
Held on May 24, 25, the theme this year is “Muslim – ID Unity”.
A host of leading Muslim figures will attend the conference as Mufti Ismail Menk, Sheikh Abdulbary Yahya, Sheikh Kamal ElMekki, Sheikh Waleed AbdulHakeem and Br. Wael Ibrahim.
The event includes kids playing area, food corner, exhibition area and Islamic bazaar.
Serving Islam Team (HK) was founded in 2003 by Br. Wael Ibrahim in Egypt.
Initially the idea was to train the Egyptian youth on entertaining tourists and presenting Islam to them in a friendly manner, through different activities including distributing free books, arranging mosque tours etc.
In 2005-06, the activities were moved to the Philippines to move later in 2009 to Hong Kong.
According to the group’s website, their stated mission includes sharing and portraying the true, beauty & peace of Islam in accordance with authentic sources.
They also aim to revive Islamic spirit, culture and clear misconceptions about Islam and Muslims.
Source: On Islam

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