Top 10 Apps to Aid Believers in Fasting, Prayers, Greetings and Reading Quran

13:26 - July 01, 2014
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As the holy month of Ramadan 2014 began Muslims around the world have given up food and water from day break to after the evening prayers. Devotees make physical sacrifices to attain spiritual rewards during the holy month.

The followers can keep tabs of their practices with the help of apps that are designed, especially for Ramadan.
Below are some of the top apps, which help in making the spiritual journey easier:

• The Ramadan Guide
Guiding the faithful in the day to day activities with a combination of illustrations and useful learning is the objective of this app. It also has explanations of verses from Quran with English translations and meanings.

• Beautiful Sayings of Prophet Muhammad
This app provides users with a large collection of beautiful sayings of Prophet Muhammad. The collection is from authentic Islamic text, Riyad-us-Saliheen.
This is very convenient during the observance of the fast. Users are provided with the various Sunnahs, all in English.

• Ramadan Diet
As many Muslims lose weight due to fasting during Ramadan, this app gives users a dietary note on the dos and the don'ts during the holy month.
It suggests exercises, and pushes notifications reminding users of the right time to exercise and to eat.

• Sun n Moon
This app takes into account the Global Positioning System (GPS) data from the smart phone and accurately calculates timing of sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset helping users to follow the practices accordingly.
Users will be able to choose from a list of cities with additional features like moon phases in animation. It also includes compass that indicates the position of sun and moon. This app can handle both different time zones and also daylight savings time.

• Ramadan Daily Dua
This app has been designed with the intention of helping its users to recite Duas that are specific for each day in the holy month of Ramadan.
The app also incorporates Duas for Iftar and Sahoor. It has Arabic as well as its English translation.

• Muslim Pro
This app notifies the user with the correct fasting time as the prayer time calculator is based on your location. It has visual as well as audio notifications for Azan/Adhan.
The app also provides users with audio recitation of the Holy Quran with phonetics and translations. It will also provide information on the Halal restaurants and mosques that is around the area.
It also includes the Qibla compass, which shows users the direction of Mecca. And has the full Muslim Hijri calendar. The app is available in 14 languages.

• Islamic Compass
This app will provide users with information on the direction of prayer. It has the necessary compass that points users to the Mecca from any position around the world. Also the app is inbuilt with alerts, notifying the user about the prayer time and it can also play Adhan.
The app uses GPS position to connect and also has many other features.

• Islamic Greeting Cards
Users of this app can send Islamic cards to their family by sharing verses from the Quran. They can also use Hadith cards, or Dawah cards that educate others about Islam.
This app includes the Dua cards, Allah (Swt)'s Greatness Cards, Prophet (Pbuh) Cards, Eid Cards and Ramadan cards. This app boasts of a beautiful app interface and supports retina display.

• Quran Reader
This app is interactive and allows users to read, listen and study the Quran with a simple tap and hold on the line that users want to recite. Player will also be able to create a note or they can view the translation.
The app provides verse-by-verse recitation and also uses background audio. The app allows users to search for the Surah name or a specific ayah and has beautiful interface. It enables users to share the ayahs and the comments from the app.

• Islam Kit
This app contains some of the most important topics and books related to Islam and will help all Muslims to keep in touch with the Quran, Hadith and Knowledge of the deen in general.
It comes with Full Quran Commentary, Sayings of Prophet Mohammed, Al-Adab Al Mufrad (A Complete Guide on Manners), Duas of Prophet Mohammed, The Life of Prophet Mohammed, Excellence of Durood Shareef, Life of Abu Bakr, Life of Omer Ibn Khattab, Life of Ali, Life of 60 Sahaba and more.
You can download these apps on on iTunes Store and Android Store.

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