19:10 - December 10, 2008
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--An international conference on "Ghadeer from Perspective of Sunni School of Thought" will be held on December 13 in the central historic city of Yazd, Irna reported.
The three-day event will be attended by 300 Shi'ite and Sunni seminary students from 53 countries.

The conference is aimed familiarizing seminary students from different countries with the event of Ghadeer from the viewpoint of authentic Sunni sources and documents.

The conference will be be held in the form of workshops, each comprised of 12 seminary students and a professor who will examine different Ghadeer-event related subjects in the course of three days.

Scholarly examination of subjects such as "Hajjat-ol-Wida( last Haj performed by the holy prophet)" and the famous hadith by the holy prophet (PBUH) " Whoever I am his mawla (master), Ali is his mawla (master)" will be on the agenda of the international conference.

Participants in the conference will also tour the historical and cultural sites of the city of Yazd.

Eid al-Ghadeer is the anniversary commemorating Prophet Mohammad's (PBUH) last sermon at Ghadeer Khumm, which occurred on 18th of Dhu al-Hijjah of 10 AH in the Islamic calendar.

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