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IQNA, a window to the world of spirituality

The International Quran News Agency (IQNA) is the first and only specialized Quran news agency in the Islamic world. Our aim has always been to cover the news in Iran and the world concerning various fields including political, cultural, artistic, and social fields as well as Quranic activities, and analyze the news and reports with a Quranic approach.


The International Quran News Agency was inaugurated on Ramadan 15th, 1424, Aban 20th, 1382, (November 11th, 2003) during a ceremony attended by  the then president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the then Culture Minister, University Jihad officials and a number of Quran activists

IQNA’s staff have tried to carry out their responsibilities in the filed of news covering and analysis with recourse to God, following the path of the late Imam Khomeini, the supreme leader of the Islamic Revolution, and the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution.


1-Fostering the elevating culture of the holy Quran among various strata in society

2- Providing up-to-date news and analysis regarding Quranic activities in the country and abroad

3-Producing and disseminating news data-x-items and information about Quranic activities in various fields

4-Promoting a Quranic approach to different issues like scientific, artistic, cultural, political, literary, and social issues

5-Reflecting the Quranic atmosphere in Iran to other Islamic countries

6-Elevating Quranic knowledge among society’s different strata

7-Exchanging successful experiences and models at the national and international level

8-Creating cultural and thought movements in different areas with Quranic concepts as the main theme


1-Producing news data-x-items and conducting interviews in different fields

2-Holding news analysis sessions and roundtables attended by experts and scholars

3-Producing and issuing IQNA’s bi-weekly news bulletin called “Rayeheh” (sweet smell)

4-Full and special coverage of the national ad international Quranic events.


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