13:40 - July 08, 2013
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The Rahyaftegan Section of the 21st International Holy Quran Exhibition will introduce some of Tawwabin (those who have repented their past).
Speaking to IQNA, Jamal Taheri, director of the section, said these are people who had gone astray but ultimately found the true path and repented.
Taheri, who also heads Martyr Eduardo Agnelli Institute, said the institute’s pavilion in the section will host the program.
He said the institute, which was founded in 2006, will take part in the international exhibition for the second time.
In last year’s exhibition, the issue of new Muslim converts was highlighted by the institute and this year, Tawabbin will be introduced, he stated.
Taheri noted that according to the Quran, Allah guides whom He wills. “Among those who guided were Jalal Al-e Ahmad and Martyr Avini… many of these Tawabbin learned about Islam via the Islamic Revolution and Imam Khomeini (RA).”
Pointing to the other programs of the pavilion, he said two religious experts will be present in the pavilion to answer the questions of the visitors. “These experts have served as preachers in other countries for years and have many memories of their years of living and preaching abroad.”
Taheri referred to the martyrdom of Malcolm Shabazz, a grandson of Malcolm X and a Muslim rights activist, saying “He could not come to Iran last year. Since the last exhibition, we were trying to ensure his trip to Iran so he can pursue his religious education in Iran. We had expected him to be one of our guests this year. [But] Unfortunately, he was martyred in Mexico a month ago, because the world arrogance feared the presence of another Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in North America.”
He said this year, with the participation of some of martyr’s friends, including Ms Marzieh Hashemi, Malcolm will be commemorated.
Director of the Rahyaftegan Section added that some foreign guests invited to the exhibition, including Sami Yusuf cannot take part in the expo for different reasons and therefore, they will take part in the section’s programs via video-conference.


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