Muslim Brotherhood Not to Take Part in next Elections

14:46 - October 05, 2013
News ID: 2599556
While Egypt is bracing for a new stage in its political history, the Muslim Brotherhood movement has said it will not attend the upcoming presidential elections.
The movement said because there is a president (Mohamed Morsi) whose term has not ended yet, there should be no talk of new elections, Misr Al-Yawm website reported.
Muslim Brotherhood underlined that Mohamed Morsi will once again return to the presidential palace.
Imami Kamel, former advisor to Morsi and a senior member of the Brotherhood-affiliated Freedom and Justice Party said the coup that took place in Egypt will not change the reality that Morsi is still the president of the country.
He stressed that the Freedom and Justice Party will not participate in the presidential election and constitutional referendum.
Samih Eid, a former member of Muslim Brotherhood, the group will not introduce a candidate for presidency because it would mean conceding to what happened.
Meanwhile thousands of Muslim brotherhood supporters took to the streets on Friday and chanted slogans against Defense Minister Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi.
Clashes broke out between the demonstrators and security forces in Cairo and other cities in which 4 demonstrators were killed and around 40 others wounded.
In other news from Egypt, President of the International Union of Muslim Scholars Yusuf Al-Qaradawi slammed Al-Sisi describing him as a murderer who has killed thousands of Egyptians.
Delivering his Friday prayers sermon in Doha, He called on the people of Egypt to hold rallies against military commanders on Saturday and Sunday and regain their revolution.
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