14:22 - February 02, 2019
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TEHRAN (IQNA) –  The mosque in Zamboanga City in the Philippines that was rocked by a deadly grenade blast on Wednesday has reopened, an official of the National Ulama Council of the Philippines (NUCP) said Saturday.


Professor Alih Ayub of NUCP posted photos on social media showing devotees praying at the Maharlika mosque where the blast occurred, killing two preachers and hurting four others.

"Our religion Islam teaches us to be tolerant, moderate and loving. Even in the face of persecution, we are commanded by Almighty Allah to have patience because As-Sabirin are blessed and triumphant... And to repel evil with what is good," Khatib Sheikh Zayd Ocfemia, president of As-Sunnah foundation, was quoted as saying during a sermon.

The mosque attack, which hit three days after twin blasts at the Jolo Cathedral, wounded Muslim religious leaders from Basilan and nearby provinces who were sleeping at the time of the explosion.

The local government of Zamboanga is currently assessing the damage at the mosque to determine the funding needed for its rehabilitation.


Source: ABS-CBN News

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