8:42 - January 28, 2020
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The Department of Maktoum Holy Quran Memorization Centers of the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai (IACAD) announced that a total of 3,019 students were enrolled in the centers during 2019 – 70% of whom were females.


Statistics by the centers’ department indicated that an average of 201 workshops were organized last year, and an average of 189 teachers worked in the centers – around 72% of whom were females.

The Holy Quran Memorization seminars organized by Maktoum Centres took place at Deira, Bur Dubai and Hatta areas. Deira witnessed the largest turnout of students, having 74% of the students, memorization seminars and teachers, while 19% were in Bur Dubai, and 7% in Hatta, the Gulf Today reported.

Ahmed Muhaya Al Zahed, Acting Director of Maktoum Holy Quran Memorization Centers, praised the great turnout for the Holy Quran Memorization workshops from different groups of the community, both citizens and residents. He also applauded the female students wishing to recite and memorize the Holy Quran.

Al Zahed said, “Maktoum Holy Quran Memorization Centers reached various segments of society during 2019. From male, female, children and youth to elderly citizens and residents, as well as People of Determination – a clear sign of the inclusiveness of our programs.”

Al Zahed added, “The Department of Maktoum Centers is keen to provide an environment that helps students analyze and memorize the Holy Quran and understand the values of Islam. This is through programs that suit the needs of students and have follow-ups by specialized teachers, as well as field trips by mentors – which exceeded 3,500 visits in 2019. In 2020: Towards the next 50, we will improve our centers and programs and launch more initiatives, aiming to encourage more students to prosper.”

Maktoum Quran Learning Centers enable its students to learn the letters and rulings of intonation and readings. It also teaches them new Quran readings, such as the way of Hafs, Warsh, Shu’ba bin Assem, Qaloon, Ibn Kathir and others. Sessions of the centres also explain the interpretation of verses and help students memorize the Surahs. IACAD will continue to open new centers in Dubai to facilitate enrollment in educational seminars, as part of its commitment to spread awareness about Quran and Sunnah in the emirate.




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