12:39 - March 26, 2020
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – A book titled “Approaches to the Quran in Contemporary Iran” by Alessandro Cancian has recently been published in Britain.


It explores the importance of the Quran in the religious, artistic, political, and intellectual discourses in modern and contemporary Iran from the nineteenth century to the present.

The chapters included in the volume, published by Oxford University Press, have been written by some of the most authoritative specialists in the modern history of Iran, according to website .

Their contributions span a wide range of subjects and themes, covering such varied ground as the examination of the trends in Quranic exegesis that are currently prominent in Iran, the use of Quranic themes in contemporary Iranian cinema, the concept of revelation as the basis of diverse political trends in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Sufi mystical interpretations of the Quran, the use of the Quran in the arts, the Quran as a living scripture in specific intellectual and social circles, and case studies of individual intellectuals.

Through this wide-ranging survey, the book aims to become a reference for anyone interested in the Quran’s imprint on the religious, political, cultural, and anthropological history of modern and contemporary Iranian society.

Alessandro Cancian is a Research Associate in the Department of Academic Research and Publications at the Institute of Ismaili Studies.


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