8:15 - December 01, 2020
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The National Center of Quranic Sciences affiliated to the Iraqi Shias Endowments Office will organize a forum to discuss “Holy Quran and Husseini Tribunes”.


It will be held today in the city of Kadhimayn.

The center said one of the approaches to prevention of spread of wrong beliefs and attitudes among the youth is getting them acquainted with Quranic concepts and developing cooperation among preachers to encourage the younger generation to participate in Quranic activities.

Encouraging people to support Quranic activities and disseminating the culture of Waqf (endowment) in this respect can be taken as an example by many Islamic countries.

Given the importance of speeches presented about Imam Hussein (AS) and his uprising, the center believes that preachers and speakers play a key role in motivating the society to get involved in Quranic activities. Hence it has planned the forum.

The holy shrine of Imam Musa al-Kadhim (AS) will host the program from 9:30 a.m. local time.

Rafi’ Al-Ameri, eminent Iraqi Qari and director of the center will start the program with recitation of verses from the Quran.



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