11:24 - February 06, 2021
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The third edition of a national group competition on memorization, recitation and interpretation of Quran started on February 4 in Maysan governorate of Iraq.


The official council of the Quranic association of Maysan said the southeastern governorate is hosting the competition for representatives from 14 governorates of the country.

Sheikh Adnan Salehi, a prominent Quran expert in south of Iraq, is the head of the panel of the competition’s arbiters.

Other members of the committee are Rafi’ Al-‘Ameri, Sheikh Kheyruddin Al-Hadi, Yahya Al-Sahaf, Ali Al-Mayahi, Meytham Al-Ka’bi and ‘Ammar Al-Kanani who respectively supervise Tajweed principles observation, Waqf and Ibtida, Sowt, memorization, interpretation and eulogies performances.



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