9:01 - February 13, 2021
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TEHRN (IQNA) – The Islamic Affairs Department of Kosovo held a memorial service for Sheikh Ahmed Mustafa Kamil, an eminent Egyptian Qari who passed away recently.


Quran recitations were the main part of the program, attended by more than 500 Qaris.

Sheikh Ijzoun Ibrahimi, a Quran reciter from Kosovo who is a graduate of Al-Azhar Islamic Center and an admirer of Sheikh Kamil, said at the program that the late Qari spent his life in serving the Quran, Islam and Muslims.

A delegation from Al-Azhar headed by Sheikh Mohammed Hashad attended the event.

Sheikh Kamil died at the age of 82 last Friday.

Kamil was a friend of renowned Qari Sheikh Mustafa Ismail and had some 2,200 recorded cassettes of his recitations.

He had many students from Egypt as well as countries like Morocco, Algeria, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey and Austria.





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