Umm Al-Banin Online University Opens Its Quranic Studies Department

10:30 - March 07, 2021
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The Umm Al-Banin (SA) Online University affiliated to the Intellectual and Cultural Affairs Section of Hazrat Abbas (AS) holy shrine has opened a department for Quranic studies.



According to Al-Kafeel website, the Quranic studies and dissemination of Thaqalayn teachings will be the theme of the courses to be taught for four years at the department.

The educational method in the department, which will be directed by seminary and academic experts in Quranic sciences, will be based on the schedule of the Najaf Seminary.

Hussein Al-Turabi, the president of the university, said that the objective of the department is to pay special attention to the Holy Quran and dissemination of its teachings, preservation of Quranic virtues, and promoting Quranic studies and awareness among women in the society.

Training women experts in Quranic studies, female Quran memorizers, reciters, researchers and Quran teachers, developing Quranic, religious and jurisprudential activities among women and countering wrong ideologies and movements are also among the objectives of the department, he said. 

“We hope the department will play a role in raising a generation of women experts in Quranic studies who will play a positive role in the society”.

The courses will be offered in English and Arabic and registration for studying at the department will begin in the coming days, he said.



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