Quran Recitations by 10 Top Algerian Qaris

13:50 - April 13, 2021
News ID: 3474447
TEHRAN (IQNA) – Algerian Qaris have among some of the best Quran reciters in the Muslims world.


Algeria is a country in North Africa. Muslims make up about ninety-nine percent of the country's population.

Quranic activities are very common in the Muslim-majority Arab country and it has introduced many top Qaris to the Muslim world.

The following footage features recitations by ten Algerian Qaris: Abdul Hakim al-Jazaeri, Farouq al-Mahi, Tawfiq bin Shaaban, Murad Sabati, Lahassan Aliq, Yaseen al-Jazaeri, Hisameddin Ibadi, Yaseen Barakani, Yaseen Zaidani, and Saeed Dabah.




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