9:02 - May 05, 2021
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Palestinian resistance movement Hamas and other resistance groups called on people to confront Israeli settlers who are reportedly planning to raid the al-Aqsa Mosque next week.


Hamas spokesman Abdul-Latif al-Qanu said on Tuesday that calls by extremist Jewish factions to raid the holy site would prompt a “new revolution,” adding that the resistance would have several options available to respond to such aggression.

The official called on the masses of the Palestinian people to "bravely confront the settlers' expected storming of the al-Aqsa Mosque and confront it with various means and tools."

Palestinian resistance groups also published a statement that called on people to gather for mass prayers in the al-Aqsa mosque next week to confront any intruders.

“Our battle with the occupying regime in Jerusalem al-Quds is a battle over identity and existence, and Quds is the main issue of the Islamic Ummah, the axis of the battle with the occupying Zionist regime and the eternal capital of Palestine, and the occupying regime has no place in the land of Palestine,” the statement said.

“Armed resistance is the best and shortest way to liberate Palestine and to counter the plans that seek to destroy the Palestinian cause,” it added.

The resistance groups also warned the Zionist regime that Israel would bear the full repercussions of committing any crimes against Palestinians.

“We call on the whole Ummah to reject the normalization of relations with the occupying regime and see it as a stab in the back and a betrayal of the Palestinian cause,” the statement underlined.

The developments come as Israeli settlers since the beginning of the holy Muslim fasting month have been roaming the occupied territory under the Israeli military’s protection, trying to prevent Muslims from performing their religious duties in public.

The settlers reside in thousands of illegal structures that Tel Aviv has been building since occupying the West Bank in 1967.

They have been circulating invites to anti-Palestinian unrest on the mosque’s compound on the 28th day of Ramadan, something that has prompted Palestinians to call counter-rallies to confront the occupiers. 

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