Proximity of Islamic Denominations A Prelude to Unity

9:06 - November 17, 2021
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Representative of a Muslim group in Oman says establishing proximity between different madhhabs of Islam can act as a prelude to reaching unity in the Muslim world.

Iran envoy to Oman meeting with head of Bohras' community


Sheikh Khozeimeh Yemeni, head of Bohras’ community in Oman, made the remarks in a meeting with Iran’s ambassador to Oman Ali Najafi and Iranian cultural attaché to the country Seyyed Ali Mousavizadeh.

The sides discussed issues of mutual interest in the meeting which was held earlier this week at the Iranian embassy in Muscat.

The Iranian ambassador stressed the need for respecting other religions and madhhabs as well as achieving unity among Muslims.

Najafi also praised such meetings as an opportunity to get acquainted with the traditions and cultures of people from different backgrounds.

For his part, Sheikh Khozeimeh Yemeni expressed interest in building relations with Iranians.

He also named unity as one of the necessities of the Muslim world.



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