Seven Years: What Took to Put Quranic Concepts into Poems

12:40 - November 22, 2021
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – A young Iranian poet has managed to turn concepts in the Noble Quran into rhyming couplets during a seven-year process.

Poet who put Quranic concepts into poems


Reza Kakavand is fond of literature and poems and his love for Quran ignited an idea to turn the Quranic verses into poetic couplets.

The 38-year-old poet lives in Malayer, Hamedan Province, and told IQNA that had an interest in poems since childhood.

He has composed a total of 171,256 couplets for the entire Quran, noting that the number of poetic verses varies based on the length of the Surahs. For instance, he said, the number of couplets for Al-Baqarah Surah is 1,205.

Reza says he had become disappointed several times during the process but persevered, naming the Quran as a “companion” in this path.

The aim of the poems, he said, is to provide an easier understanding of the Quranic concepts as well as promote Quranic culture.

He is now taking the necessary steps to obtain the license for his book. The book that he desires to be published has Quran verses and its Persian translation on one page and the corresponding poems on the other.


Seven Years: What Took to Put Quranic Contents into Poems



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