Attention to God, Spirituality Essential for Human Society: Raeisi

15:11 - November 24, 2021
News ID: 3476643
TEHRAN (IQNA) – Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi pointed to the need for seeking God and spirituality in today’s world.

Raeisi's meeting with Vatican envoy


Speaking in a meeting with the new Ambassador of the Vatican to Tehran on Tuesday while receiving his credentials, Hojat-ol-Islam Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi said, "Today it is necessary for human society to pay attention to God and spirituality.”

“Based on Quranic teachings, the common ground of Abrahamic religions bring us closer to each other,” added the president.

Those who are oppressing others in the world will no longer continue such misconduct if they heed the teachings of Christ, said the President, adding that the Vatican can play an active role in this regard.

"The concepts of the religion of Christ and what the Holy Prophet (PBUH) taught us should be discussed in scientific meetings to bring the views closer to each other,” he added.