Paris to Host Course on Islamic Economics

13:36 - November 29, 2021
News ID: 3476710
TEHRAN (IQNA) – A course on Islamic economics is set to be held by Financia Business School in Paris.

Grand Mosque of Paris


Following trilateral talks between, the Grand Mosque of Paris, Al-Ghazali Institute, and Financia Business School, it was agreed to hold the course and provide certificates to graduates.

The aim of the course is to get more people acquainted with the Islamic economy and provide technical training for those who wish to manage religious and Islamic centers.

The School has agreed to stage short term courses for Al-Ghazali Institute on management and human resources as well.

Shamsuddin Hafiz, head of the mosque, says such courses increases the capacity for providing technical trainings.

Alfonso Lopez de Castro, President of the Financia Business School, says this cooperation is part of the school’s role in society to empower individuals.

The global value of fields around Islamic economics is estimated around $3 trillion and related activities can be seen in almost all financial markets in Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia. However, interacting with such markets require knowledge about topics such as Islamic laws, banking, econmy, and insurance among others.

The course is set to start in December at Al-Ghazali Institute.