Sana’a Raps US for Involvement in Saudi Crimes against Yemeni Civilians

13:45 - January 18, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Yemen’s Ministry of Human Rights censured the United States for supporting the Saudi-led coalition in its crimes against Yemeni civilians.

Saudi-led aggression on Yemen


The ministry in a statement strongly condemned the latest attack by the coalition that targeted the Mae’en district in Yemeni capital city of Sana’a, Al-Masirah reported.

It noted that 12 civilians, including children, were killed and eleven others were injured in the air raids.

The statement said attacking the homes of defenseless civilians is yet another crime in the litany of the crimes committed by the Saudi and Emirati regimes that have trampled upon all human values and international rules.

The ministry said these crimes are committed with the green light and support of the US government and with the use of American weapons.

It called on the American people and all noble people in the world to raise their voices against these atrocities.

The statement underscored that those behind these crimes and their supporters will not be able to escape justice.

Rescue teams are still working to recover the injured from the debris and search for other victims from houses that were targeted by the Saudi coalition in its latest air strike on Yemen.

Saudi state media said that the Monday raid against the Yemeni residential neighborhood was carried out by the coalition’s F-15 fighters, claiming that it had destroyed two ballistic missile launchers, allegedly used in the strike against the UAE.

The spokesman for Yemen’s army Yahya Saree said on Monday that the country, used five “ballistic and winged missiles” and “a large number of drones” to target “a number of important and sensitive Emirati sites and facilities,” including the airports in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the oil refinery in Mussafah.

Saree added that the “successful” operation was “in retaliation to the escalation of the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression” and that UAE will remain an “unsafe state as long as its aggressive escalation against Yemen continues.”



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