Scholar Says Coronavirus Patients Who Go to Mosques Commit A Sin  

13:23 - January 25, 2022
News ID: 3477528
TEHRAN (IQNA) – Entering mosques with COVID-19 infection is a sin, a Muslim scholar said, urging worshippers to adhere strictly to the coronavirus precautionary measures.

Khaled Abu Moza


Speaking to Qatar TV, Khaled Abu Moza, a preacher and Islamic educational lecturer, said worshippers must ensure that they are not infected, and urged those infected to pray at home.

“The infected persons must pray at home for the safety of others as whoever enters the mosque while infected is considered a sinner,” he said.

Stressing the need to adhere to the necessary procedures when entering the mosque in order to limit the spread of COVID-19, he explained that worshippers must show the green status on Ehteraz and follow other relevant instructions as well.

The Qatari Ministry of Endowments (Awqaf) and Islamic Affairs has put several precautionary measures in place for mosque-goers in order to ensure the safety of worshippers and the society in general. These include showing the Ehteraz green status to staff before entering the mosque and bringing their own prayer mat.

Also, the ministry has asked worshippers to wear masks and urged all who suffer from cold, cough and high temperature not to go to the mosque. Maintaining adequate distance during prayers is also mandatory.