Leader Hails Iranian Nation’s Resistance against Arrogance

21:00 - March 21, 2022
News ID: 3478252
TEHRAN (IQNA) – Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says taking a look at developments in the world shows the rightfulness of the Iranian nation to confront the Global Arrogance.


“When you look at global events, the Iranian nation’s rightfulness in confronting the Arrogant Powers becomes clearer than ever. Our nation did not choose surrendering to the Arrogant Powers. It chose resistance, independence and internal strength. This was the people's decision,” he said on Monday in a live speech on the occassion of the new Persian calendar year. 

“Look at the case of Afghanistan and how the US withdrew. Firstly, they stayed in Afghanistan for 20 years. What did they do in this oppressed, Muslim country? Then, how did they leave? They created problems for the people and now they are not giving the Afghan people their own money.”

“Look at the issue of Yemen where these innocent, truly resilient people are being bombarded on a daily basis. Look at what Saudi Arabia does in beheading 80 teenagers and young men in a single day,” he added.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Leader pointed to the issue of economy, saying that “The reason we discuss the economy on day first of the year is first due to the importance of the economy; i.e., if economy is joined with justice, the country will truly progress. Second, because we have had a number of economic challenges over the past 10 years that need to be overcome.”

“The country’s new policies have shown that the country’s economy should not be tied to US sanctions. Despite sanctions, the government has been able to increase foreign trade, sign new regional contracts, and make improvements in the issue of oil and other economic matters,” he said according to his official website.

 “Of course I am not saying at all that we must not seek to remove sanctions. But we must manage the country in such a way that sanctions cannot inflict a major blow. Sanctions may cause certain harms but they should not be allowed to cause significant harm to the country’s economy.”

 “Now that oil prices are up, two approaches can be adopted with oil revenues. First, with increased foreign revenues, we boost imports to improve people’s welfare. This seems good but wastes our assets. Second, use oil revenues to improve infrastructures and strengthen the economy’s foundation,” he added.